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Repton 3

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Can I play Repton 3 in either windowed mode or full-screen mode?

Answer: Yes, the F10 key toggles between windowed and full-screen mode.

Question: I would like to redefine the keys used for controlling Repton. How can I do that?

Answer: On the Repton 3 main menu screen, click Options. Under the heading Keyboard controls on the Options screen, click any of the key choices shown in yellow, and then press the key that you would like to use. For example, to redefine the Up key, click the yellow key choice (by default it is Up Arrow) shown after the word Up; now press the key that you wish to use.

Question: Can I play Repton 3 without seeing the information panel that is usually displayed on the right-hand side of the screen?

Answer: Yes, you can toggle the information panel on and off using the TAB key.

Question: Are there any shortcut keys that can be used in Repton 3?

Answer: Yes, sometimes it can be quicker and more convenient to press a key than to use the mouse, and keys can be used to make selections on many of the Repton 3 screens. On the Repton 3 main menu screen, the levels can be selected by pressing the 1 to 8 keys. When a level's status box is highlighted, the 1 to 8 keys will start the game on that level - alternatively the P key can be pressed to start the game. The options Select Scenario, Password, Progress, Options, Help and Exit are selectable by pressing the S, A, R, O, H and E keys respectively.

Question: What are the properties of the safes and the keys?

Answer: Collecting a key opens all of the safes on that level to reveal a diamond within each safe. There are several keys positioned on some of the levels, and it may be important to decide which key to collect - as some of the keys can cause Repton to become blocked in, for example.

Question: How can I complete the levels more quickly - without running out of time?

Answer: All of the levels can be completed with time to spare, although Repton has to work swiftly on some of the levels. A useful tip is to plan the routes by viewing the map before attempting each section of a level. Repton Time is frozen while you are viewing the map screen!

Repton 3 Screen Picture Question: Do you have any tips for Finale Level 2 (Triopolis)?

Answer: This is a popular and enjoyable level (pictured on the left) designed by Tim Tyler. It can be quite tricky for a novice Repton player when encountering this level for the first time, although with practice this level is fairly straightforward. Repton needs to move quickly to the right and down to release one spirit from the bottom-right section of this level, then open the route to the cage at the entrance to the bottom-left section.

On each Repton 3 level, the fungus is initially dormant, and it will not start to grow on Finale Level 2 until the time reaches 4500. There is more than enough time provided for the spirit to reach this cage without being impeded by the fungus.

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