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Getting Started

Here are some tips for making your way into the castle
shown in Level 1 of Castle Ravenskull:

* Please do not read any further if you would prefer to figure this out yourself.

1. From the starting position, move a few spaces to the right until you see a scroll.

Ravenskull Screen Picture

2. Pick up the scroll by moving next to it and pressing the CONTROL key. This puts the object into your inventory, shown at the bottom-right of the game screen.

3. Now move to the left until you see a key, and pick up the key by pressing the CONTROL key again.

4. Being careful not to step into the water, proceed to the left-hand corner. Then move up until you see a small river.

5. Select the scroll by pressing the 1 key. This selects pocket 1 in your inventory, and the selected item is shown underlined. So the scroll should now be shown underlined in your inventory.

6. Now use the scroll by pressing the ENTER key. The following message should appear at the bottom of the screen: A voice on the breeze whispers, "The drawbridge is down..."

7. A sound-effect is heard, and a drawbridge appears across the river.

8. You can now drop the scroll behind you by turning around and pressing the CONTROL key.

9. Move up across the drawbridge, continue a little further up, and then stand immediately to the left of the large spiked gate.

10. Select the key in your inventory by pressing 2. The key should now be shown underlined in your inventory.

Ravenskull Screen Picture

11. Use the key by pressing ENTER. The gate will open and you can enter the main castle area. Before going in, you may want to drop the key behind you by moving one space to the left and then pressing CONTROL.

12. Now you can proceed to enter and explore the castle area!

* If you would like the name of each object to be shown in the Inventory (such as the key in the picture above), press the F2 key, then click the Show Object Names In-Game button.

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